Thirsty in the rain, Fare thee well, now my own true lover 1914 Meter: 8 8 4 9 Scripture: Luke 15:11-32; Isaiah 55:10-12; Psalm 42 Date: 1995 Subject: Word, the | Midnight Moonlight; Riding High In Texas; River Of Stone; Jaquin Morieta; Break My Heart Again; Bill Stories; Walls Of Time; Thirsty In The Rain; What Are You Doing Around Here Again? Kiss the rain Whenever you need me Kiss the rain Whenever I'm gone too long. Lyrics to "Thirsty In The Rain" by PETER ROWAN: There's an eagle, and he keeps on flying / Over the mountains capped in white snow / In green valleys lonesome people trying so hard / To tell each other what they think they know. From the dirty words and muddy cells, your clothes are dark and stained. Sleepin' in the rain From dirty words And muddy cells, Your clothes Are smeared and stained But the dirty words and muddy cells Will soon be judged insane So only stop to rest yourself Til you are off again (Chorus) And take off Your thirsty boots and stay For a while Your feet are hot and weary From a dusty mile And maybe I can Make you laugh, maybe I can try I'm just lookin' for the … 1943; Britt Hallqvist, b. Keller Williams - Freeker By The Speaker Lyrics I'll never be your mother's favorite. Over the valleys in the crimson morning sky F C G Thirsty in the rain. So I can buy back this helpless place B D But there is one promise that is given A E that I will meet you on that shiny golden shore. Thirsty In The Rain lyrics. We wandered thirsty in the rain Eric Andersen Thirsty Boots Lyrics You've long been on the open road Sleeping in the rain. I Don't Care. From dirty words and muddy cells, your clothes are smeared and stained, But the dirty words and muddy cells will soon be judged insane. There are 60 lyrics related to I Am Thirsty. Pour out the rain on this thirsty land Streams on this dry ground from your hands Revive the lowly and the contrite man You've promised the rain We call it down again! Artist: Keller Williams